Water Fed Pole

Need equipment to provide all aspects of production of pure water for the water fed pole window cleaning system, it is all here, reverse osmosis water filters,  mixed bed (DI) resin, resin pressure vessels, 100psi  water pumps , and all the replacement filters you might need.

hard water problem?
If you have the problem of living in a hard water  area, you will notice a reduction in the life of your reverse osmosis membranes. To prevent this problem you can add a water softening stage in advance of your Reverse Osmosis Water Filter. This effectively removes from the water the ability of calcium and magnesium to settle out and start to block your reverse osmosis element. It will increase your overall initial capital costs, but if you  high volume ro water user using large expensive commercial membranes then a softener may be the answer.
If you have a water input TDS of less than 60 it may be cheaper to use a high capacity mixed bed resin vessel alone, rather than a Reverse Osmosis Filter and a water polishing final stage. This is down to individual preferences, but in making the decision as to actual specification of your pure water production equipment, you must bear in mind that the price of DI resin will continue to increase along with the price of oil.
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