Water Fed Pole RO Systems

There are many benefits to using a water fed pole RO system. With a water fed pole you can reach high windows easily, and safely. Thewatersite offer a range of commercial RO water filters, and membranes to suit any water pressure or quality. Buying a water fed pole system from The Water Site gives you access to the best possible customer service associated with these products. 
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Water-Fed Pole Systems allow windows to be cleaned very well by taking off dirt with a soft bristled brush while at the same time rinsing off the dirt with pure water. The window is then left to dry and you will notice that the windows won’t have a streak on them thanks to the purified water process.We offer you various parts and systems as much of your choice is down to the type of water in your area – and amongst other things, your budget!

Please call us on 01507 524576 for helpful advice on which system is right for you! 

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