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There are huge differences in the sizes of actual membranes from small 10" domestic reverse osmosis membrane right up to membranes as large at 40". Thewatersite stock a range of both 40" & 21" Ultra Low Pressure RO Membranes from AOS FS-TFC offer Ultra Low Pressure Commercial RO Membranes. The commercial range now includes a 40" ECO extremely low pressure membrane that has an optimum  operating pressure of 75psi. This is the lowest operating pressure of any commercial reverse osmosis membrane available in the UK. This is even lower pressure than the HF-5. The Commercial RO material is provided by the reputable Japanese membrane supplier Toray.
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The low pressure membranes that you can obtain the maximum amount of pure water from a membrane at the lowest possible operating pressure. You can operate you 40" membrane at a pressure of 80psi or 100psi. The pure water output can be as high as 9 cubic meters of water per day.

Along with the large commercial membranes, we offer and extensive range of 50gallon, 100gallon and 150gallon membranes that fit inside a standard Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing. Vyair offer low pressure domestic membranes that operated effectively at pressures as low as 50 psi, most membranes need 60psi to operate efficiently. This means that the RO system will produce more water at a lower pressure.

A range of Reverse Osmosis Membranes for both Domestic and Commercial Applications. The range of Membranes include 40" and 21" High Capacity Reverse Osmosis Membranes from the American Membrane Company Amfor. Amongst the Domestic Membranes that are used in Marine RO water Filters, Domestic Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis System, Pole Window Cleaning Pure Water Systems and RO Pure Water Filters for use with Hydroponic Plant Nutrition.

The Brands of RO membranes include Vontron, CSM but the outstanding membrane that operates at much lower pressure than the competition. Amfor Domestic RO membranes sold by Vyair operate at the low pressure of 50psi where most operate at 60-70psi. The Amfor TW30-1812-50, TW30-1812-100 and TW30-1812-150 produce 20% more water than competitors membranes operating at higher pressure. Why high quality materials, latest Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology.

The Amfor membranes are receiving exceptional reviews due to their relatively low initial costings, high out put at lower pressures and their consistent high rejection rates
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