CSM 100 Gallon Membrane

CSM RE2012-100 CSM RE2012-100 Reverse Osmosis Membrane, 100 Gallons Per Day. This membrane is a suitable replacement for most 100 gallons per day reverse osmosis water filters.
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This a CSM RE2012-100 Reverse Osmosis Membrane, 100 Gallons Per Day, a suitable replacement for most 100gallons per day reverse osmosis water filters, and a direct replacement for membranes fitted to all our Reverse Osmosis Water Filters, that require an enhanced output.

CSM Household RO membrane can remove most of harmful substances such as Carcinogen, THMs (Trihalomethanes), heavy metal ions, bacteria and virus in drinking water.

Operating conditions:

- Elements contain preservative solution, therefore the permeate from the first hour of operation should be discarded, to flush the protective solution in the elements.

- Keep elements moist at all times after initial wetting

- CSM elements should be immersed in a protective solution during storage, shipping or system shutdowns to prevent biological growth and frost damage.

If the operating conditions are not followed appropriately , we can not honor the warranty of the element as you will be unecessarily reducing the life of the filter.

The standard storage solution contains one weight percent sodium bisulfite or sodium metabisulfite (food grade). For short term storage of one week, one weight percent sodium metabisulfite solution is adequate for inhibiting biological growth.


  • Membrane Type : Thin-film Composite
  • Membrane Material : PA (Polyamide)
  • Membrane Surface Charge : Negative
  • Element Configuration : Spiral-Wound, Tape wrapping
  • CSM Household RO membrane has high permeability.

Technical Information

  • Max. Operating pressure 125 psi (0.86 MPa)
  • Max. Feed flow rate 2 gpm (0.45 m3/hr)
  • Max. Operating temperature 113 oF (45 oC)
  • Operating pH range 3.0 ~ 10.0
  • Max. Turbidity 1.0 NTU
  • Max. SDI (15 min) 5.0
  • Max. Free Chlorine concentration 0.1 mg/L
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