4040 Reverse Osmosis Housing

4040 MEM-HOUSE Commercial RO Housing to build your own high output water filter for Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning
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This is a Commercial Grade Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing, that had been supplied to the thewatersite by a specialist RO membrane housing manufacturing factory. This is housing is of the same construction as reverse osmosis housings used in parts of the world to make drinking water from seawater. The difference is that this is designed to be used with 4" diameter and 40" long Commercial membranes, and designed to offer simple water connections

If you purchase this membrane housing, with the addition of a few other simple filtration products you can make your own high capacity pure water production system to use with your pole window cleaning business or aquatic store. The addition of a pre filter to remove particles and reduce chlorine, then the inclusion of a good quality ULP Ultra Low Pressure Membrane, followed by a simple restrictor valve on the waste will allow you to product excellent quality pure water. dependant upon your local water condition you may or may not need to add a post polishing DI Resin Stage

Concerned what we are missing out with this RO Housing , be assured this is for a complete housing with mounting brackets, all seals, and locking plates. all you need do is screw in your hose fittings.
Want to build your own Commercial Concerned about building your own system, we can provide you with all of the parts and instructions, and help you at every stage using parts from thewatersite web shop.

This item is in stock for immediate shipment and offer next day deliver to most of UK. Our carriage charges are for standard UK locations, shipments to Highland, Island & Offshore locations will incur extra costs call us on 0800 1978844 for more details. We do try and combine items to save on carriage where possible

This 4040 housing is build from glass-fibre reinforced plastic, built to last a lifetime. crafted to an industry standard and will accept membranes from all major membrane companies that make to 4040 standard.

With regards to what 4040 membrane choose ensure it is a high rejection Ultra Low Pressure Membrane. We do suggest that you may be able to utlise some existing filtration products to save cost. We anticipate that you should be able to buy all of the parts you need to build a complete system for well under £400.00.

Remember if you are using the right membrane you will be producing in excess of 2 litres per minute, that is 2880 litres per 24hr period over 630 UK Gallons per day. Yes and with a waste ration that can get as good as 1:1 but typically around 1.5waste: 1 pure.


  • 4040 GRP Membrane Housing manufactured from GRP.
  • Complete with Rubber/Flexible Stainless Steel Mounting Kit.
  • Supplied with end ports, and stainless steel locking system.
  • 3/4" threaded connections

Technical Information

  • Precision Manufacture Pressure designed to withstand up to 300psi
  • Length 44.5" 1130mm
  • Diameter 4.41" 112mm
  • End Port Water Connections.
  • Destruction Tested to 1800PSI
  • Temp operating -7C~ 49C
  • Operating pH 3~10
  • Important do not try to disassemble when in operation.
  • All internal seals need to lubricated with glycerine or similar (vaseline)
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