RO Membrane Vyair RO-100

RO-ME-0006 100GPD Reverse Osmosis membrane
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AOS TFC-1812 100GPD membrane is a direct replacement for the Vyair RO-100 4 Stage filtration system with DI stage. Outstanding quality resulting in low conductivity output water. Suitable replacement for other 100 gallons per day reverse osmosis water filters.

  • Membrane Type : Thin-film Composite
  • Membrane Material : PA (Polyamide)
  • The TFC-1812-50GPD membrane has got the certification of NSF (ANSI/NSF Standard 58)
  • Outstanding performance, high stability and reasonable price
Please note all gallons are quoted by the factory in US gallons which are 3.78litres= 1 US Gallons. There are a number of factors that affect the output of reverse osmosis water filters, input water pressure, TDS of Input Water, Bacterial Film on RO Membranes (not changing pre-filters often enough) and most important particularly in winter months water temperature. You will not obtain optimum output unless you can replicate the manufacturers test conditions. This is not for this specific brand but most types of RO membrane.

Technical Information

  • Technical
  • FS-TFC household RO membrane elements adopt the most advanced polyamide
  • Max operation pressure: 600psi(4.2MPa)
  • Max feed water temperature: 45?
  • Max feed water SDI: 5
  • Max free chlorine in feed water: <0.1mg/L
  • Range of feed water PH value of constant run: 3~10
  • Range of feed water PH value of chemical cleaning: 2~11
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