Pole Cleaning Water Systems

If your water supply has a TDS over 60-80(Mg/L) it is more cost effective to use a high output RO Water System. Vyair offers Reverse Osmosis Water Filters for Pole Cleaning that provides high output of quality purified water. If you mains tap water has a total dissolved solids of less than 60-80TDS it may possible to use a DI Resin Vessel.

Information Centre If you want to purify tap water by means of Dioniser Resin we do suggest that you use at least a 25 litre resin pressure vessel.

With a RO water Filter designed for pole window cleaning you should use a final DI resin stage to provide the pure water with 0TDS.Vyair can offer you all of the equipment at sensible prices and technical advice so that you understand the process involved in setting up your own pure water system.

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