Marines & Discus Reverse Osmosis

Marines & Discus Reverse Osmosis
Having invested in, expensive Marine Invertebrates,it is  important to ensure that you provide the best possible water conditions for them to flourish. Discus are very fickle care must be taken to ensure you have the correct water conditions in particular with regards to water pH and purity.
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Many customers blend a mixture of RO water with filtered water to provide the ideal environment. Marine fish need loving TLC needing a quality source of high quality Reverse Osmosis Water, some hobbyists will accept RO water alone but a majority of keepers pass water through a final DI Polishing stage after their reverse osmosis water filter. Whatever your needs you will find them here at

Reverse Osmosis does require that you do have high water pressure to get optimum output from your reverse osmosis water system. Most  water companies have a water pressure of around 2Bar (approximately 30PSI) but guarantee only 1 bar.  For an un-pumped reverse osmosis you do need to have a pressure of in excess of 3.5Bar.

A tip on how to check your water pressure to. At the point as close to the place where you wish to connect your reverse osmosis filter check your water pressure in the following manner. See how many 9L buckets of water you can fill in one minute.  One bucket = 1Bar of water pressure. This is information provided on the Anglian Water Customer Information website. Thus is you can fill 3 9litre (2 gallon) buckets in a minute you have 3 Bar water pressure.

If you do not have a good water pressure we strongly advise that you consider a pumped reverse osmosis. Vyair pumped reverse osmosis filters are designed to be fully automatic having built in high and low pressure switches. You can add a pump to an un-pumped RO Water Filter, but in our opinion it is more difficult to retro fit a pump to a reverse osmosis water filter.

If you are looking for pure water for use with a marine aquarium you will probably wish to use a DI Stage too. The RO filter will remove 97-99% of the impurities from your water, then the DI Stage will polish your water down to Zero TDS. 
If you need help or advice give the friendly folk at thewatersite a call on 01507  524576, we will offer you honest unbiased advice we will never offer you equipment that is not suitable for your needs

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