Laica Classic Filters x 12

Laica Classic x 12
Laica Classic Cartridges are designed to provide the best quality filtration with maximum quality and safety.

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Laica Classic Filter Cartridges, Very effective in reducing chlorine and other substances in tap water. The result is greatly improved appearance and taste of cold drinks, tea and coffee

This product fits all Laica Classic Jugs, replaces Kenwood Classic, Brita Classic, Curver, Waymaster and older style Boots Cartridges

Freshly filtered LAICA water is excellent for hot & cold drinks, cooking and helps prolong the life and efficiency of coffee makers and kettles. Quality is the most important ingredient for water filtration, that's why at LAICA we voluntarily obtain numerous independent certifications from international organisations plus strict traceability and manufacturing. Thanks to our medical appliance approach at LAICA, we always apply the standard of HACCP for production environment and high quality raw materials for our products.

Don't settle for a replacement Jug Filter Cartridge, of an "Unknown Compatible Brand", LAICA are an International Brand, with Independent Quality Certification throughout Europe

One cartridge lasts for approximately one month and filters around 100-150 litres of water, this will depend upon your local water quality, the harder the water the less time the filter may last.

LAICA Filter Jug Cartridges works in the following 4 stages:

THE top filter to trap large particles floating in the water (sand, dirt,rust, etc.)

The latest in food grade ion exchange technology. The resins reduce heavy metals, limescale and aluminium, and others. All LAICA products have 100% traceability of all components.

Special activated carbon absorbs chlorine and organic pollutants such as herbicides,bad tastes, solvents, and other odours.

There is a Fine particle filter designed to remove particles from your water

If you need any further information visit the Laica website or call us 01507 524576

thewatersite are Authorised Resellers of LAICA products here in the UK, much of the information on this listing is supplied directly to us by LAICA.

Technical Information

  • Pre-Filtration
  • Reduction of Heavy Metals
  • Chemical Absorption of Chlorine Derivatives
  • Balence Minerals (scale reduction)
  • PH Control (adjusts PH)
  • Bacteriostatic
  • MicroMesh
  • Flow Regulator (to prevent water passing too fast through the filter)
  • Anti-Sediment Stage
  • Twin Flow Output
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