Jug Filter Cartidges

Jug Filter Cartidges
Stocking the range of Laica, Water Filter Cartridges, to fit Bi-flux Filter Jugs, Classic Filter Jugs. The Laica range of filters also compatible with Brita Classic, Brita Maxtra, Kenwood and Bosch Tassimo water filter Jugs.

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Information Centre Newly available from Laica is the new Tea & Coffee Bi-flux filter jug cartridge. The scientists in the research labs at Laica, have developed this filter to provide the optimum water for Tea and Coffee

To rediscover the pleasure of good tea and coffee.
For lovers of good tea and coffee Laica developed a special formulation that makes the water more suitable for the preparation of tea and coffee. The filtered water with bi-flux "Coffee & Tea” cartridges also improves the performance of small appliances like espresso coffee machines and kettles, preventing the formation of limescale

Reduces lime scale
The right balance of minerals is important and lime scale is reduced in order to help improve aroma and taste of hot drinks, this is achieved with high technology Ion exchange resins.

The Laica filter cartridges are safe. Specific tests are continuously conducted by accredited laboratories to prove the absolute microbiological safety of Laica water filter systems.

This filter fits the range of Bi-flux filter Jugs This product will fit all Brita(TM) jugs, kettles and water coolers, as well as fridges which use Brita filter equipment, and the current models of Tassimo (TM) which also use this style of filter.
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