Digital Flow Meter 3.0~100.0 Litres/Min

8300T-88 Digital Flow Meter meter, with programmable volume and time periods, use for water filters flow 3.0~100.0 litres per minute, 1" threaded connections 
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Digital Volume Monitor with LCD display, suitable for water filter systems with a very low flow rate, 3.0~100.0 Litres per minute, This includes Reverse Osmosis water filtration units. The meter is fitted with 1" NPT Connections and a 1.5 meter cable between the monitor and sensor.

This meter is a count down meter, so you enter the volume of water in your tank, the meter will tell you how much water is left (in litres) and an alarm will sound when it is almost empty. This feature could instead be used to tell you when to change your filters, just enter the volume at which your filters will need to be changed! This removes guess work from such maintenance, so filters are not changed too early, or too late, this can save you lots of money!

This meter shows the total volume and time elapsed can be set independently, or one of them can be turned off if required.

The meter is simple to use and comes with comprehensive instructions. It is suitable for water dispensers, water filters, aquatic filtration systems and other low flow water systems!

Monitor the flow of water through a specialist Media, such as expensive Chloramine Removal Media or HMA Filters or simply to know when your water filters are worn out. This new innovative flow meter will, record the total volume passing through the device and can also count the number of days too.

By COUNT DOWN, this means that you set the total volume and the time when you want the unit to sound an alarm. This total volume is settable between 1 & 99,999 litres.


The  length of the  cable connecting the flow monitor and the digital controller is 150cm.


  • Filter capacity life monitor, from 500 to 99500 litres.
  • Filter elapse time monitor, from 30 to 720 days
  • Flow rate display, 3.0-100.0L/min
  • Near end of filter life alert
  • End of filter life alert
  • Cable Length 150cm
  • Battery operated, 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Low battery power alert
  • Automatic data memorized
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