Denver Plus 18L Denver Plus 850 18L water softener, incorporates the latest technology offering a metered controller
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The Denver range of water softeners incorporates the latest technology to provide one of the most economical water softeners available in the UK.  Denver Plus 850 18L.  In the past water softeners worked on a electrical timer that would regenerate the system at a preset time every day.

Our latest Denver Water Softeners offer the latest state of the art metered controller. A metered system once initially set up to match the hardness of your tap water will then measure your actual water used.  The controller will then decide if it needs to regenerate the softener resin that day or it can wait until another day. 

New generation water softener system with an elegant cabinet provided with a sliding brine tank cover and electronic controller.
It includes an easy-to-program metered valve. System is composed by a GRP bottle with top and bottom distributors Isolation by-pass and hardness mixer included.
Noryl male connection (size depending on model). Brine valve included in the cabinet. and polyethylene cabinet.
WS180-HE valve, electronic programmed, delayed regeneration with day override.
Noryl male connection (size depending on model). Brine valve included in the cabinet.

Vyair can arrange installation of a water softener in your home within 50 miles of our operating centre here in HorncastleWe enclose here the installation manual for our products.

The benefits of a water softener installed in your home:
  • Reduced detergent  & soap use.
  • Eliminates Limescale
  • Reduces Energy Costs
  • Longer life  of Washing Machines, Dishwasher & Boilers.
  • Makes Cleaning Easier
  • Kinder to your Skin
A metered water softener offers the following advantages
  • Saving on Consumption of Salt
  • Reduce water consumption used for regeneration/ rinsing.
  • Will increase regeneration if your water consumption increases due to guests, staying.
  • Mixer Valve allows you to mix incoming water with softened water to provide water exactly how you wish, or we would recommend.
How do I know what size I need for my home? Call us on 01507 524576 and one of our experienced team will help you choose the right sized system for your individual circumstances.

Technical Specifications

Min. pressure: 2.5 kg/cm2. -35.5psi
Max. pressure: 8.5 kg/cm
2. -120psi
Min. temperature: 4°C.
Max. temperature: 35°C.
Power supply: 220-240V

Total Exchange Capacity m3 / Salt usage

  • Exchange capacity 57m3  / 1.1kg Salt
  • Exchange capacity 112m3  / 2.2kg Salt
  • Exchange capacity 189m3  / 4.5kg Salt
It is possible to adjust the exchange capacity of the softener but the system is programmed for the most efficient use of salt. We do suggest not changing the actual exchange capacity of the softener on the programmer but the programmer does need setting up for your individual water conditions.


  • Width: 333mm
  • Depth: 505mm
  • Height: 1034mm
  • Connections: 1" BSP
A Filtermax pre-filter is a recommended purchase to remove particles from the water prior to the softener. It is substantially discounted if purchased as an option with a Denver Softener

We do suggest that you purchase the flexible stainless steel connecting pipes will will aid a simple installation process. They are both listed as an options to purchase at time of placing order.

Technical Information

  • Width: 333mm
  • Depth: 505mm
  • Height: 1034mm
  • Connections: 1" BSP
  • Min. pressure: 2.5 kg/cm2 - 35.5psi
  • Max. pressure: 8.5 kg/cm2 - 120psi
  • Min. temperature: 4° C
  • Max. temperature: 35°C
  • Power supply: 220-240V
  • Exchange capacity: 57m3 / 1.1kg salt
  • Exchange capacity: 112m3 / 2.2kg salt
  • Exchange capacity: 189m3 / 4.5kg salt
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