Commercial RO Filters

Complete Commercial RO water filter systems, along with all of the pre-filters, Low Pressure 4040 Membranes and all the fittings you need. Can supply a craftsman built high output water pure water system, using pvc pressure pipes and in-line TDS Meter. Or supply all of the parts and free expertise for you to build your own complete system at low cost.
Industrial RO-Important Info.
Reverse Osmosis water production is a method used the world over by, Municipal Authorities, Cruise Lines, Aquatic Nurseries, Pharmaceutical Companies and more recently Window Cleaners. The innovative use of pure water in the window cleaning industry, was brought about by changes in UK Health & Safety Regulations involving the use of ladders.

In the past two years there has been a dramatic take up of the process of pole window cleaning by conventional window cleaners. Where you require a low output pure water system for your part time business or a high capacity system to provide pure water for a number of window cleaning operatives, Thewatersite can supply the system.

The demand for Industrial large output RO systems has seen a dramatic increase in demand and to meet this demand Thewatersite can offer high capacity units combining multiple 40" membranes down to small commercial systems just using one 21" ULP RO membrane.

Aghast at some of the prices charged by companies for Commercial RO systems, reaching up to £3,000 for a 4040 membrane system producing up to 1000 UK gallons per day, we can offer you a sensible alternative.
A fully assembled commercial RO, utilising a 40" 4040 Ultra low pressure membrane from around £595.00. Or if you wish you can build your own, shaking your head read on.

What you need to build your own Commercial RO system.
  • A reliable friendly company that can offer all the parts, help and advice you might need.
  • A 4040 or 4021 GRP pressure vessel, with all fittings.
  • A suitable Amfor ULP (Ultralow pressure membrane) 4040 or 4021
  • Prefilter containing, particle & carbon filters that offer high flow rates.
  • A restrictor valve to provide back pressure on the membrane
  • kink proof hosepipe/ PVC pressure pipe or similar
  • 4ft wide piece of plastic plywood or similar to mount the system
  • The ancillary parts you will need consist of worm drive hose clips/PVC pipe fittings.
  • Possibly a booster pump if your water pressure is less than around 4 bar 50psi

There is much myth about commercial RO membranes but below is briefly how you start.

  • Purchase the membrane housing, HERE
  • Purchase your prefilters HERE
  • Purchase your Fittings kit HERE (coming soon we have the parts not not yet listed)
  • Purchase some 1/2" reinforced hosepipe that is wont kink, along with at least 6 suitable worm drive hose clips.
  • Fasten your commercial membrane housing to a strong board, 18mm ply or plastic ply.
  • Your RO membrane is delivered with two identical endplates, you need to adapt them to make one mains water in and the other for permeate & concentrate. Posh names for pure water & waste. adapting involves simply screwing fittings in.
  • The effect is the water in end has a blanking plug in the middle inlet and the water is fed in through the offset connection via a hose connection of pressure pipe fitting which ever method you choose.
  • The other end fit with two pipe connections, centre is pure water offset one is waste.
  • The waste one needs a restrictor tap in line, which can be nothing more than a tap if you wish.
  • Fit all the seals and the membranes and that is pretty well it. there are a number of procedures to go through with fitting seals, and lubricating membrane & housing seal but that is pretty well it.
  • We do have full instructions available and a telephone advice line for those who buy all their parts from us. To build your own high output pure water system will cost from approximately £400. Commercial RO builders help line 01507 524576

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