Commercial 4040 RO System

RO-UN-0017 4040 Commercial Reverse Osmosis System use with water fed pole window cleaning
11L Resin Vessel Full of MB-115 DI Resin :
   Add Resin Vessel (£80.00 inc VAT) (£66.67)

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£480.00 inc-VAT
High Output 4040 Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water system for use with Water Fed Pole Cleaning. We provide this  system at this extremely low price as we are supply the component parts.  You will require 22mm Ply or a cage protected water tank to mount this on. This system  is designed for use with your outside tap, and you can't buy better quality any cheaper.

This Commercial RO system does reply on your water pressure to provide you with the purified water. We do suggest for optimum output you do look to have a water pressure of around 50psi (around 3.5bar). If you have a water pressure of only 30psi this is not the unit for you, unless you purchase a booster pump.

Don't know what your water pressure is? Call us we will loan you a water pressure gauge that will give you an accurate reading. All it will cost you is its return postage.

What we provide:
  • High Quality Continuous Tube Stainless Steel 4040 RO housing complete with all mountings & connections.
  • RO Housing is fitted with easy fit lids, this means simple membrane changes.
  • AOS Commercial XLE-4040, Ultra Low Pressure Membrane
  • 3 Stage 20" Pre Filter Housing, complete with all pre-fitlers.
  • All fittings for both membrane housing & 3 stage 20" pre-fitler housing.
  • All metal worm drive clips (Jubilee Clips)
  • Waste Water  Restrictor Valve.
  • HM Digital TDS Meter TDS-3

What we don't provide:
  • 1/2" hose pipe, Nuts Bolts to mount the Pre-Fitler
  • System Mounting Board 
  • The membrane provided is not installed into the system. If you would like your membrane fitting inside your housing and testing, this service can be provided for an extra £12.00.

Also Available:
  • If you want an 11 litre DI polishing stage this can be added with all fittings for a further £80.00 including VAT. This is filled with MB-115 mixed bed resin and is a saving on our normal price. 
  • Spare pre filters are offered at a cost of £20 per set of 3 20" filters or £35.00, for 2 sets & £48.00 for 3 sets.
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