Aquatic Filtration

Aquatic Filtration to provide pure water for Tropical Fish, Marine Fish, Cold Water Fish, Discus and Pond Fish. Water Filtration to provide chlorine and chloramine removal from tap water, right up to hyper-filtration such as Reverse Osmosis Water filter Systems.
Silica & your Marine Aquarium
Worried about Silica and Silica compounds in your Marine Aquarium? Reverse Osmosis alone wont remove Silica, but when used in conjunction with a Strong Anion Ion Exchange Resin, as sold by Thewatersite, the levels of Silica will be removed to levels as low as ppb (parts per billion).

There are mainly 2 forms of Silica
  • Reactive Silica
  • Colloidal Silica.

Reactive silica is called when silica and bisilicate are in equilibrium with each other.
Colloidal silica is basically a polymer with virtually no charge so Ion Exchange methods cannot remove this.
Strong base anion exchange resins can remove virtually all reactive silica, reaching part-per- billion levels in many applications. Thus if you use a Thewatersite Reverse Osmosis Water Filter in conjunction with a mixed bed DI resin containing a strong anion resin you can be sure you are obtaining the best possible water for use in your marine aquarium. It is important if you wish to ensure effective removal of Silica Compound you regularly maintain your you RO Machine and change your DI-resin should your TDS on your output water rise above 0.

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