8mm Micro-bore Ball Valve / Male Tap

FIX-CC-0015 8mm Male tap nipple/coupling. Complete Micro-bore fitting. 
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The micro-bore fitting has a male clunk click style nipple on one end, and a 8mm barb hose-tail on the other making it simple to connect 8mm hose to a water fed pole. This complete fitting consists of a male micro-bore nipple, ball valve/shut off valve and an 8mm barbed hose-tail connection making it easy to control the flow of water. 
Commonly used in water fed pole window cleaning systems, but can also be used in compressed air, fluid, and vacuum applications. 

This nickle-plated brass nipple is interchangeable with Rectus 21 fittings. Although this is not an original Rectus fitting, we have found it to be robust and very durable.

We have a small range of Micro-bore & Mini-bore water fed pole fittings to go with this fitting listed in the 'Water Fed Pole - Fittings and Spares' category of our website. 

This product is made from a Nickel-plated brass material which is corrosion resistant, ferromagnetic, maintains much of its strength at high temperatures, and stays tough and ductile at low temperatures. 


Technical Information

  • Nominal flow diameter: 5.0 mm (3/32 inch)
  • Air Flow: 535 l/min (18.9 CFM)
  • Max Working Pressure: 15 bar (217 PSI)
  • Mn. burst pressure: 60 Bar (870 PSI)
  • Temperature range: - 20° C to +70° C (-4° F to +158° F)
  • Material: Nickel-Plated brass
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