6mm Microbore Ball Valve Female Coupling

FIX-OT-0010 Complete 3 piece 21 series female tap coupling. 
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This complete fitting consists of a female coupling, ball valve/shut off valve and a 6mm barbed hose-tail connection making it easy to control the flow of water. 
The fitting has a female clunk click style fitting on one end, and a 6mm barb hose-tail on the other making it simple to connect 6mm hose to a water fed pole. 

Commonly used in water fed pole window cleaning systems, but can also be used in compressed air, fluid, and vacuum applications. 

This nickle-plated brass nipple is interchangeable with Rectus 21 fittings. Although this is not an original Rectus fitting, we have found it to be robust and very durable.

We have a small range of Micro-bore & Mini-bore water fed pole fittings to go with this fitting listed in the 'Water Fed Pole' category of our website. 

This product is made from a Nickel-plated brass material which is corrosion resistant, ferromagnetic, maintains much of its strength at high temperatures, and stays tough and ductile at low temperatures. 

Technical Information

  • Nominal flow diameter: 5.0 mm (3/32 inch)
  • Air Flow: 535 l/min (18.9 CFM)
  • Max Working Pressure: 15 bar (217 PSI)
  • Mn. burst pressure: 60 Bar (870 PSI)
  • Temperature range: - 20° C to +70° C (-4° F to +158° F)
  • Material: Nickel-Plated brass
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