3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Compact-RO Compact RO Water Filter, Complete with 3 stage filtration, RO Membrane, PP 5 micron modular pre-filter, and modular granular activated carbon post filter.
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    This RO Water Filter has 3 complete stages of filtration, RO Membrane, PP 5 micron modular pre-filter, and modular granular activated carbon post filter.

    This entry level compact three stage reverse osmosis water filter is by far the most efficient and best value low output RO system you can buy.


    • The Reverse Osmosis Membrane is an Amfor TW30-1812-50. This membrane is an ultra low pressure membrane designed to produce maximum output at 50Psi. Virtually all other membranes sold in the UK operate at 60/70Psi. The benefit the Amfor membrane provides is approximately 20% increase in RO water output in normal use.
    • 5 micron particle filter in self contained plastic housing offering fast filter changes.
    • Granular Activated Coconut Carbon prefilter to protect the RO membrane from impurities and high levels of chlorine.
    • The result is this Reverse Osmosis Filter is the most efficient low output RO unit available.

    Designed to provide an efficient low output pure water solution for drinking, Aquariums, Hydroponics and use in pharmaceuticals.

    Like all unpumped reverse osmosis water filters, this Reverse Osmosis Water Filter relys on your mains water pressure being strong enough. Between 30psi (2 Bar) & 60psi (4 Bar) is the optimum pressure for this unit, so please do not buy this item if that is not the case. Gravity fed cold water systems are also unsuitable, in our experience, this is where the water is stored in the loft. Normal UK water pressure should be from around 2 bar and above.

    There are a number of factors that affect the output of reverse osmosis water filters; input water pressure, TDS of Input Water, Bacterial Film on RO Membranes (not changing prefilters often enough) and most important, particularly in winter months, water temperature, please get in contact with us for advice.

    Dependent upon usage of the unit the 1 & 2 cartridge filters will need changing every 6 months, the membrane filter requires changing at approximately 12-18 months. All filters are in stock and can be purchased at any time. The need to change filters is dependent upon actual use and the quality of your water. To save on postage cost we strongly recommend purchasing a spare set at time of original purchase.

    Please note that all gallonages are quoted by the factory in US gallons which are 3.78litres = 1 US Gallons.


    • Reverse Osmosis System
    • 3 stage RO water filter
    • Original (Amfor Brand) 50 Galls day reverse osmosis membrane
    • 3/4"TAP CONNECTOR fits to washing machine & outdoor tap type connection
    • pure water filter for use in the propagation of lilies and exotic plants
    • water filter for producing pure water for exotic plants production

    Technical Information

    • Operating Temperature 5C-40C
    • Operating pressure 30-80psi
    • 50 Gallons per day RO Membrane
    • Virtually removes EVERYTHING from you water to provide pure Water
    • Replacement filters readily available.
    • This filter Will Remove Fluoride from your water
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