3/4" Leak Detector & ShutOff Valve

MET-OT-0022 Electronic leak detector with automatic shut-off valve. 3/4" BSP brass inline connections.
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Savant Leak Detector for use with larger Domestic Appliances such as Washing Machines, Water Dispensers & Horticultural/ Agricultural processes. This highly sophisticated system is the best available on the market manufactured by the highly respected Taiwanese company Savant who are a specialist water control company. It operates at a high pressure of 8 bar and a water temperature of 95c.

This device if installed correctly will turn off your water the moment a leak is detected. A leak detector is a normal requirement of your insurance company if you are in a multi-storey office block.

Please note this is not just a leakage alarm. If installed in the water supply close to a leaking appliance it will automatically turn off the water supply to it.

  1. Fit the battery provided in the battery enclosure.
  2. Connect the water control valve in the water entering your appliance.
  3. Place the alarm unit with the metal contact touching the area you wish to protect from leaks
The connecting cable between the Alarm Module and Water Shut Off Valve is 1.5m

This Meter is Manufactured By the Reputable Taiwanese company Savant Electronics, who specialise in this type of equipment.

If you need any further help or advice please call Vyair on 01507 524576. For simple technical information please refer to the Manufacturers Information Sheet above.

If you wish to buy in volume please contact us for special pricing, we do hold large stocks here in the UK. Free Shipping refers to UK Customers.


  • Water Leak Control with auto shut off and alarm
  • Low Battery Power Alert
  • Battery operated- 9 Volt battery (SUPPLIED)
  • 3/4" BSP Brass Inline Water Connections
  • Maximum water operating pressure 8 Bar - approximately 115psi
  • Full Specification Sheet is below.
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