3 Stage 20" Pond Dechlorinator

PND-DC-0002 20" 3 Stage Pond Declorinator Water Filter for Koi Pond Or Goldfish,Complete with Sediment and Carbon Filters
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    Stage 20" Water Filter System that will remove sediment, and reduce/remove many dissolved organic compound & Chlorine from Main Tap Water. This can be used to refill Koi Ponds and Ornamental Fish Ponds.

    Being fishkeepers we use these filters ourselves for our water purification needs, in our own ponds. Our fish are important to us that is why they only have the best.

    Safe Removal of Chlorine from you tap water ensures that you fish do not suffer with gill inflamation caused by Chlorine in your tap water.


    • Stage 1 removes ,sand,dirt,iron & other particles
    • Stage 2 removes Chlorine & dissolved organic contaminants.
    • Stage 3 Final Chlorine removal stage & dissolved organics
    • Particle Filters 5 microns
    • Granular Activated Carbon GAC
    • Block Carbon Filters CTO

    Technical Information

    • 20" 3 Stage pond Dechlorinator
    • Will improve quality of water of tap water making it suitable for pond use.
    • 5 micron particle filter (PP) Stage 1
    • Granular Activated Carbon filter (GAC) Stage 2
    • Block Carbon filter (CTO) Stage 3
    • Manufactured from heavy duty food grade plastic.
    • Fitted with air-bleed button
    • 1/2" brass BSP threaded connections
    • delivered also with 1/2" hose tail connections.
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