15mm Push Fit to 3/4" BSP Thread

FIX-DM-0030 15mm Push Fit to 3/4" BSP Thread Connection. Compatible with John Guest Part Number: PM011514E
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This is a 15mm push fit to 3/4" BSP thread connection, which is also compatible with the John Guest Speedfit part PM011514E. This fitting is commonly used for reverse osmosis systems, fridge water filters and other appliances requiring a 15mm open pipe connection.

There are multiple different items and materials that this fitting can be used for. These include semi-rigid plastics (nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene), soft metals (mild steel, brass, copper) and tubing. Flexible tubing, such as Tygon® and silicone is also usable; however you will need to purchase soft tube supports.

Made from non-hazardous materials that meet the requirements of SK Zert, WRAS, ANSI / NSF-51 as well as NSF-61.The fitting is supplied to us by an accredited company, and are used in multiple water purification, food / beverage, and pneumatic systems. 
This item is suitable for hot and cold applications. Please see the Technical tab for a list of maximum operating temperatures and pressures.

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Technical Information

  • Working Pressure and Temperature Range
  • 1° (34 °F) - Max Pressure….. 11 bar (170 psi)
  • 20° (68 °F) - Max Pressure….. 11 bar (170 psi)
  • 65° (150 °F) - Max Pressure..... 7 bar (100 psi)
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