10" Jumbo GAC Filter

FIL-RO-0075 Jumbo 10" Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filter.
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Replacement Jumbo Granular Activated Carbon Filters, (GAC) are sold singly and are made from top quality carbon.  These Filters are 4.5"/ 110cm in diameter and have 3 times the capacity of standard 10" Filters. The Jumbo Granular Activated Carbon Filters are used when you have a high water flow rate and needing maximum filtration with the minimum of pressure drop.

Jumbo Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filters, designed to fit the large 10" Jumbo Filter Housing. These Filters are of the highest quality provide an economic solution for the removal of Chlorine, Dissolved organics and many other contaminants from water.

Do not use as the only source of filtration if you have concerns about the bacterial integrity of your water Activated carbon has proven to be ideal to filter out tastes, odours and contaminants from water to be used in a domestic or commercial environment. Activated carbon is a type of carbon that has been industrially processed to increase the overall porosity of the individual carbon granules. This results to an extremely large surface area being available for absorption of impurities. The larger the surface area the better is the absorption of contaminants in the water. Carbon is a relatively low cost solution and its wide general availability makes it an outstanding low cost media for a broad range of applications.


We offer heavy discounts when buying in quantity, due to the weight of the filter.

It is important to know that your carbon filters are made from carbon that has been properly carbonised and activated to ensure the maximum removal of dissolved organics, Chlorine and a vast range of impurities that quality carbon will remove from water. If you purchase low quality filters you can have carbon produced from poor quality coal that may introduce a nasty taste to your water. That is why we guarantee our filters as being designed to for the job.

Technical Information

  • These Filters are 4.5"/ 110cm in diameter
  • 3 times the capacity of standard 10" Filters.
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