1/2" BSP to 3/8" Push Fit Connector

FIX-DM-0010 1/2" Female BSP Thread to 3/8" Push Fit Connector. This product is compatible with John Guest part C1321214S
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This is a 1/2" female BSP thread to 3/8" push fit connector.

It is compatible with the John Guest part number: C1321214S, and can be used with semirigid plastic (polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon) and soft metal (brass, copper, mild steel) tubing. To connect flexible tubing such as Tygon® or silicone, order soft tube supports.

Made from safe, non-toxic materials that meet the requirements of WRAS, ANSI / NSF-51 & 61, and SK Zert! The fitting is supplied to us by a well known company, and are widely used in water purification, food and beverage, and pneumatic systems.

This product is suited for hot or cold applications. For the maximum operating temperature and pressure, please see the Technical tab.

There is an anomaly with regards to the actual BSP thread size, which can be terribly confusing. There are two different sizes used in water connections in UK.

As a guideline 
•If the diameter of your threaded fitting is in excess of 1” (25mm), then you will require a ¾” BSP fitting 
•If the diameter is ¾” (19mm), then you will require a ½” connection

A regular complaint is that we send out a 1” connection, not a ¾” connection. DM Fit do not make 1” BSP female thread fittings.

Please visit the Fittings & Spares category of our website to see our full range of fittings. 

Technical Information

  • Working Pressure and Temperature Range
  • 1° (34 °F) - Max Pressure….. 11 bar (170 psi)
  • 20° (68 °F) - Max Pressure….. 11 bar (170 psi)
  • 65° (150 °F) - Max Pressure..... 7 bar (100 psi)
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